Here’s what various humans are saying via social media.

“I am torn between laughing and running.”

– @sarajustwants via Twitter

“I feel like I’m tripping balls.”

– @abdiragemohamed via Twitter

“Lots of Eric Andre vibes, but better.”

– @abdiragemohamed via Twitter

“It had a lot of cuts and bleeps so I thought it was a teaser.”

– u/youceflabiad via Reddit

“I mean, I guess this is a thing I just listened to.”

– @anavpickles via Twitter

“Piss off, nobody cares about your spammy fucking bullshit. Reported.”

– u/fredbnh via Reddit

“lmfao what the hell is ur podcast.”

– @RavennaGolden via Twitter

“Not bad…”

– @xmoutsos57 via Twitter

“I’m a broken hollow shell of a person, please make more.”

– @anavpickles via Twitter

“These TV cuts are horrible… Jesus fucking Christ.”

– u/_Albeavier_ via Reddit

“Thanks for the trauma that is your podcast ❤️

– @nasluvsfilm via Twitter

“How did you go after such high profile guests right off the bat?”

– u/GetAGripStudios via Reddit

“I think I found my new favorite not podcast.”

– @michelekguild via Twitter

“Man your show is fucked.”

– @Meader via Twitter

“Weird Al meets Eric Andre meets Comedy Bang Bang!”

– @Meader via Twitter

“You will die and your name, fame, with you. It is dust. It is, and will be. Pursuit is masturbation, seek sleep and Annie’s Mac n’ cheese.”

– @questionmark631 via Twitter

“This is actually really funny.”

– @fish_follett via Twitter

“Wow I love being free advertising.”

– @fish_follett via Twitter

“OMG this show is wild. I hate how much I love it.”

– @Meader via Twitter

The worst podcast on the internet.

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