Snapchat Hotdog – Meme Review

Last month, the highly popular photo-sharing app, Snapchat, decided to unveil a new filter that allows users to add a dancing hotdog to their pictures and videos. Since the inception of Snapchat filters, they have quickly become more and more intricate and complex with each new update. Their latest addition is no exception.

It began as an innocent way to insert a joyous and quirky hotdog onto/near a loved one, house pet, or mundane object of your choosing. But all that innocence was quickly abandoned once the internet realized it’s meme potential.

The mere random absurdity of a dancing hotdog is one the meme’s main attributes. The more random the meme, the better. Can you believe there are actually people in this world who get paid six figures or more to conjure up ideas of this magnitude? If that’s not the American Dream in action, I don’t know what is.

The actual hotdog itself is, in fact, very cute and childlike, making it both loveable and accessible to a wide range of people. I wouldn’t be surprised if the dancing hotdog received its own spinoff movie in the near future. Maybe the filmmakers behind The Emoji Movie can produce it – right after they finish production for their upcoming fidget spinner movie set to release in 2019.

This meme is also very versatile and can be used in a number of different ways. Normally, the average lifespan of corporate memes tend to be about a week – two at the most. But this meme went strong for about a solid month thanks to its pure creative aptitude. Unfortunately, it died shortly after the release of Snapchat’s dancing banana filter – a bastardized attempt to replicate the success of the dancing hotdog. Leave it to corporate memes to kill their own offspring.

Now, let’s breakdown some of the meme’s greatest hits:

1. Famous Album Covers

This is a PG meme that the whole family can enjoy. It depicts the hotdog on the cover of various iconic albums. It works because it messes with history in a playful manner and suggests an altered reality where everyone worships dancing hotdogs instead of musical icons. The “Damn” album cover would eventually  go on to become a meme of its own.

2. What U See Vs. What She Sees

This is a hybrid-meme mixed with the mildly popular, “What U See Vs. What She Sees” meme. It’s obviously an R-rated meme. It works because the hotdog is so adorable and innocent, that the image of it receiving oral pleasure is both unexpected and hilarious.

3. Dancing Grandma

The absurdity of a dancing hotdog is amplified by the absurdity of a dancing grandma in a hotdog costume. It’s funny because of the willingness and cooperation of the grandma and the fact that she probably has no idea what exactly is going on. Neither do we, granny. Neither do we.

Finally, here are some examples of why this meme died:

1. Okay, We Can Stop Dressing Up Like Hotdogs Now

Fact: White people will look for any excuse they can to dress up in a hotdog costume.

2. Dancing Banana

Whereas the dancing hotdog was cute and lovable, the dancing banana comes across as a straight up douche. I don’t care if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or if you’re just against the idea of consuming leftover processed meat trimmings – the dancing hotdog is a million times better than that poor excuse of a banana. I mean, he doesn’t even dance! It’s more of a stationary bounce. Do you think you’re too cool to dance, banana? Do you think you’re too cool to dance?!

3. The American Hotdog Dream

To be honest, I’m still not sure if I love this one or hate it with a passion, but either way… What the fuck?

Overall, in a year of underwhelming memes, this one has certainly added value to the meme economy. It’s unique, revolutionary, absurd, and a perfect reflection of where our society is currently at. Also, it’s a great example of how a normie meme can evolve into something serviceable and competent thanks to the ingenious imagination of the internet. Is it a dank meme? No, I wouldn’t say so. Perhaps if it had a little more longevity. But it is one of the best memes of 2017 so far, if not the best.

Score: 6.9/10

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