Savage Patrick – Meme Review

In the vast expanses of the ephemeral, never-ending meme realm, Spongebob has continued to prove itself as a prosperous and reliable goldmine for all. Over the past few years now, Spongebob has expeditiously spread its sphere of influence all across the meme economy like no other. It’s undoubtedly the most meme-able TV show in existence and continues to show no signs of slowing down.

This time around, it’s Patrick Star doing us the honors, who’s certainly no stranger to the meme limelight. The internet’s latest en vogue meme known as “Savage Patrick” is a screenshot from season one, episode eighteen of Spongebob Squarepants, in which Patrick is seen looking downward at his spongy friend with a nefarious smirk imprinted upon his large, pink, triangular face.

The meme was first conceived on Twitter in late February and has since spread like wildfire throughout the purlieus of the interweb. Savage Patrick joins the ever-expanding Spongebob meme family that already includes classics like: “Mocking Spongebob,” “Imagination Spongebob,” “SpongeGar,” “Confused Mr. Krabs,” “No, This Is Patrick” and many more.

The meme’s primary apparatus is to reveal the darker side of Man. It helps illuminate some of our innermost personal thoughts while dissecting the innate deviousness of pleasure itself. Who would’ve guessed that Spongebob had so much existential potential?

One of the reasons why this meme is so trendy is because it gives us humans the opportunity to shed off some of that unconscious evil that we all carry within us; thus allowing us to transform our primal, evil tendencies into wholesome, contagious laughter. After all, some people go to church to absolve their sinful thoughts, some confer with therapists or friends, and others just share memes.

Unfortunately, this meme never lived up to its true meme potential. It was normie-fied before it ever had the opportunity to reach absolute dankness. Although it showed glimmers of hope here and there, it stood no chance once the normies caught wind of it.

Here’s some of the meme’s highlights:

1. Tasting Another Man’s Nut

Right off the bat, we have ourselves an R-rated meme. For whatever reason, Savage Patrick proved to be more sexualized than past Spongebob memes. We can take the Freudian route and write it off as generations of sexual repression finally manifesting itself into dark, twisted, sexual fantasies and perversions. Or maybe people just have a thing for kinky Spongebob memes.

2. Trump Plays Fortnite

I usually don’t like to mix memes with politics, but this is pretty funny. If you don’t know what Fornite is, then congratulations, you have a social life.

3. Armed Teachers

It’s really hard to make a good school shooting meme, like really hard. Due to the recent epidemic of school shootings in America, several concerned citizens called for legislation that would allow classroom teachers to conceal licensed firearms within the classroom. Savage Patrick suggests that some teachers, if the situation presented itself, might jump at the opportunity to alleviate some of their classroom stress.

And here are some of the meme’s low points:

1. Prostate Exam On Opposite Day

This just seems like the punchline to a mediocre knock-knock joke. Plus, there was no need to attempt a meme-fusion with Confused Mr. Krabs. Obviously, this was the work of a low-level memer.

2. The Last Brownie

I remember when I made my first meme… (Why is “chocolate” capitalized?)

3. Period Blood Spaghetti

(Note: The following meme is intended for entertainment purposes only and is not to be recreated or reenacted in any way.)

Ladies, this isn’t funny in the slightest, nor is it sanitary. Also, it loses points for ruining spaghetti for me.

Well, there you have it, the latest Spongebob meme to fall from the meme tree. It’s a rather unique meme, being that it deals with more darker, intimate and complex themes. However, it’s not really that versatile. It’s more or less, a one-note meme. If you’ve seen one Savage Patrick meme, you’ve seen them all.

Now, where does it rank among other Spongebob classics? Well, it gets bonus points for originating from an OG episode of Spongebob. However, it loses points for not having any meme-durance.* I’d say it’s better than the more recent Mocking Spongebob meme, but time will tell where it ranks among the others.

Overall, this is a mild meme. It’s not exactly a normie meme, but it’s not exactly a cancerous meme either. It’s a good meme for the casual memer. I’d like to personally thank the meme gods for bestowing a meme upon us with so much meme potential. But where there is meme potential, there is the normie lurking in the shadows, stalking its prey, waiting patiently for the opportune time to kill. After all, the internet is a savage, cruel, unforgiving shitstorm.

Score: 6.0/10

*(Meme-durance: a meme’s ability to continue or last, especially despite fatiguestress, normies, and other adverse conditions.)

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