Walmart Yodel Boy – Meme Review

Every once in a while, a meme comes along that reminds us why exactly we meme in the first place. Memes have become much more than just silly, comical images shared amongst the citizens of the internet. Memes have transcended to the point where they can spark controversial movements in the span of a click; create everlasting celebrities that remain forever in our hearts; and even help win pivotal elections that may in fact decide the very fate of our species.

No longer is the internet meme reduced to a mere smirky troll face or witty caption, it’s a lifeform unto itself–it’s just as real as you, me and everything in between. Except we’re bounded by the limits of reality. We follow a moral code of social constructs, rules, ethics, limitations, etc. The whole crux of our entire species is that we’re tethered down by the unknown forces of gravity. However, a meme is ethereal. It exists everywhere and yet at the same time, lives nowhere. And this meme is certainly no different.

One morning, a modest 12 year old boy woke up and decided he was going to yodel at his local Walmart. And with that, the meme universe was never quite the same. Somehow, someway, the adorable Mason Ramsey, managed to throw a cosmic wrench into the meme void–something that very few memes have managed to do before him.

Similar to “Cash Me Ousside” girl, Mason Ramsey has used his newly found meme clout to his advantage. The only difference being, Mason has more talent in one single, solitary toenail than the Cash Me Ousside girl has in her entire lifeless endoskeleton. Just within the last month or so, Mason has managed to perform at iconic venues such as the Ellen Show, the Grand Ole Opry, Walmart, and even Coachella. He even had to turn down the opportunity to perform with Post Malone due to his busy schedule.

Words can’t express just exactly how and why this particular meme caught fire. However, the absurdity of performing a classic country song inside a convenience store while wearing cowboy boots and a bow tie, might have something to do with it. Nonetheless, he’s actually quite talented and might just prove to be the most wholesome surprise that’s ever come from a simple meme.

Now, let’s look back at some of the meme’s high points:

1. The Greatest Band Of All Time


Yeah, the Beatles are cool, but have you ever heard the voice of God?

2. Walmart Yodel Boy As A Sims Character

If conquering our dimension wasn’t enough for little Mason, he also had to conquer the virtual realm as well.

3. Coachella 2018


This highlights the true mysterious power of memes. Did the internet actually somehow meme this into the collective consciousness until it became apart of our reality? After all, the two most talked about performers at Coachella were Beyoncé and… you guessed it. Ladies and gentleman, memes do come true.

Unfortunately, this meme did have it’s fair share of low points as well:

1. Walmart Yodel Boy Bling


Hold up, I don’t care who you are–you can’t just go around producing yodel boy merch without my man receiving a cut. Also, is Quavo hinting at a possible Migos/Yodel Boy collaboration?

2. Tired Spongebob


This meme implies that yodel boy was exhausted after his viral performance, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He’s consistently selling out shows, working his butt off in the studio, dropping bangers left and right, and taking selfies with Justin Bieber. He’s on a meme grind like we’ve never seen before and he’s only just getting started.

3. Walmart Yodel Girl

Impersonating a meme is about the highest sin one can commit in this life. I hope by now that this girl has found God because she’s definitely in need of some salvation.

Well, what lies next for our young, yodeling maven? In every instance where this meme seemed to die, it was quickly and promptly resurrected. It’s the meme that keeps on memeing. So, perhaps the sky is the limit for this meme, or maybe even something beyond the sky–something we don’t have the ability to see–something unknown.

Maybe this kid can become a superstar–a meme God. Maybe young Mason can add a little spice to the currently flavorless and decaying genre of country music. Maybe he’ll be the teen sensation of our generation. Maybe he’s the next Beatles. I certainly wouldn’t bet against him. Look what he’s already managed to accomplish in such a short amount of time. However, his biggest accomplishment of all might be the fact that he continues to remind us all of one simple, yet important piece of advice: if you can dream it, you can meme it.

Score: 10/10

Honorable Mention:

Mason Ramsey’s first single “Famous” is available now. Thank you all for existing and remember, don’t stop memeing.

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